The Population is Abusing Drugs, but Are Drugs Abusing Insurance?

Gina Guzman MD, DBIM, FALU, FLMI
Vice President & Chief Medical Director Munich Re US (Life)
Second Vice President & Actuary, ERM, Munich Re US (Life)

Update from the Cuckoo’s Nest: Mental Health Underwriting  
Kim Lancaster, FALU, FLMI, ACS
RGA Reinsurance Company

Electronic Medical Records - State of the Union Update
Christina Galanis
President WOMBA, LLC
Jitin Asnaani
Executive Director of CommonWell Health Alliance

The Rise and Fall of Liver Biopsy
Elyssa Del Valle, MD
VP and Medical Director - RGA Reinsurance Company

Prostate Cancer- To screen or not to screen that is the question
Michael Marcus, MD
Chief of Surgery, SSM Health St. Mary's St. Louis

Through Thick and Thin – Red Blood Cell Disorders
Steve Cooper, MD
AVP and Senior Medical Director - Lincoln National Life Insurance

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Evaluating Those with a Big Heart
William Rooney, MD
VP and Medical Director - SCOR Global Life Reinsurance

Using Third Party Scoring in Accelerated Underwriting
Guizhou Hu, PHD
Chief of Decision Analytics, Gen Re

Data Analytics & Underwriting: Are 20th-century regulations still appropriate for 21st-century underwriting?
Mariana Gomez-Vock
Senior Counsel ACLI

Anti Aging, Youthful Medication, Longevity/HGH
Marianne Cumming, M.D., BSc (Pharm), MSc, DBIM, FALU
Senior Vice President, Head Global Life & Health Underwriting, Swiss Re

Mind the Gap- Understanding the influence of anti-selection and various holes in the underwriting process of accelerated versus traditional underwriting
Doug Ingle, FALU, FLMI
Vice President Underwriting Research, Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America

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